Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Please read these Terms and Conditions, check the “I agree to the terms” window after which your registration will be considered complete.
Registration on Eleve11.ge is considered as your consent to all the terms of this agreement.

Definitions of terms:

You are hereinafter referred to as the “Buyer” / “Customer”
Eleve11.ge hereinafter referred to as “Website” / “Intermediary”
Agreement – This Agreement.
Item for sale – products that are placed on the site for sale
Delivery time of the item – the period of time during which the intermediary delivers the purchased item to the customer.

  1. Eleve11.ge sells the item for sale.
  2. Buyer / Customer declares and warrants that the information provided by him/her is his/her, is true and correct and he/she is responsible for all consequences of the error / breach of this warranty, if any.
  3. Buyer / User declares and guarantees that the information, password, any other code / information received by him / her (if any) will be kept confidential, protected, taken care of, he / she will take all appropriate measures to protect himself / herself from their disclosure and he / she will be liable for this warranty.
  4. The buyer / user declares and guarantees that he / she is responsible for all his / her registration / account activities.
  5. The parties agree that the product / item posted on the website may no longer be in stock, as a result of which the transaction will be canceled and the money will be fully refunded to the buyer.
  6. The parties agree that the intermediary has the right to make changes to this agreement, of which it may notify the buyer / customer by e-mail and / or telephone call.
  7. The authority of the intermediary is limited to Eleve11.ge by publishing the subject and conditions of the transaction on the site on behalf of the seller, with the delivery of items.
  8. The buyer / customer pays the purchase price of the item by credit card or cash to the intermediary in accordance with this agreement.
  9. The item is returned only if the product / item does not match the photo and description posted on the website.
  10. The User / Buyer declares that he / she provides his / her data, in particular by filling in the required fields, name, surname, e-mail, telephone number with his / her consent and voluntary intermediary – in order to receive the service, to fulfill the obligations under this agreement, for customer / buyer application review, direct marketing purposes, quality management and improvement, service advice or recommendations.
  11. The Customer / Buyer claims that his / her data, in particular, if he / she fills in the optional fields, he / she gives the date of birth to his / her consent and voluntary intermediary – for direct marketing purposes, in order to offer various promotions, discounts and gifts.
  12. The customer / buyer has the right to request the intermediary to terminate the use of data about him/her for direct marketing purposes at any time, such request must be sent to eleventrademark@gmail.co
  13. The user / buyer is entitled to cancel his / her registration by clicking on the button on the site, in which case all data related to the customer / buyer are deleted, the right to cancel the registration is the right of the user / buyer.
  14. The registration of the user / buyer may be revoked by the intermediary, if the registration of the user / buyer violates the rights and freedoms of other persons.
  15. The user / buyer is entitled to be registered on the site until he / she cancels the registration.
  16. Eleve11.ge declares and guarantees that any mandatory or non-mandatory information entered by the user / buyer, as well as any information about purchases on the website, will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties.

Delivery rules

The item is delivered

  • In Tbilisi – 2-4 working days after purchase.
  • In the regions – at intervals of 3-5 working days.
  • It is mandatory to check the item as soon as it is delivered to avoid possible late detection of damage.
  • When purchasing in the address field it is necessary to indicate the city and address where you want to receive the item
  • The item will be returned only if it does not match the photo and description posted on the site. Delivery cost is non-refundable.
  • Return / purchase of the item is refused no later than the item is delivered on the spot.
  • Tbilisi – 5 GEL
  • Tbilisi surroundings – 10 GEL
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